Emilia Chiappetta - Da Silva, WPICC
Creative Director & Founder

Emilia first realized she wanted to start her own business at a very young age as she watched her parents develop a successful corporation. As she aged, she would spend hours in their office observing and acquiring knowledge regarding communication, creativity, organization and management. She believes these experiences gave her the ability to launch Lady Luxe Events Co. and provide clients with professional planning and coordination services. Emilia has completed Wedding Consultant and Coordinator Certification Course by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

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"My life took me into the direction of the arts, so I approach everything in my life with a creative flare and making sure to always focus on personal style. Alongside my artistic background, my knowledge and experience of the media communications and business allows me to stand out from others in the industry. It grants me the ability to provide all our clients with a innovative approach to their events, but also a rational perspective throughout the planning process. I'm committed to making sure all our clients experience a flawless, stress free time from your first appointment with us to day of the event."

Kristine Hardy
Creative Director

Kristine has an extensive background working in the hospitality and customer service industry & it has given her valuable insight into the world of event planning. She has worked in many facets of the industry starting in restaurants at a young age & has worked in Toronto with many unique venues & catering companies as a Banquet Server and Bartender. Her education has given her the skill set to work under pressure & meet deadlines while maintaining her composure in stressful situations. All of these experiences combined, propelled her into planning events as she developed a passion for organizing & creating an atmosphere that will be remembered by you and your guests.

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"Since childhood I have always loved gathering groups of friends and family together for special occasions and was always tasked with helping prepare the meals or decorate the house, but I always aspired to be even more involved in the planning process. Eventually I got my chance to plan a 70’s themed 50th birthday party for my parents which was a turning point for me & when I knew I wanted to do this for others."


The Team

Elisa Chiappetta, Client Coordinator

Elisa has been known for her welcoming disposition and strong organizational skills. She has a knack for adapting to any surrounding she is placed in. She has had the opportunity to volunteer in multiple social events and coordinate a variety of corporate events through her ongoing relationship with Cineplex Entertainment. Joining the Lady Luxe team has been Elisa's latest learning adventure, where she has discovered her passion for making big dreams happen with the smallest of budgets. She looks forward to making connections with all our clients and vendors.

Ashlie Callender, Lead Event Coordinator

Ashlie has always known she was meant to help people and after achieving her Special Event - Destination Tourism degree her calling was clear. There is no area of the wedding industry that has been left untouched by Ashlie's exploring. She has spent years learning and understanding each aspect in order to expertly execute the most wonderful events. With nearly ten years of experience, Ashlie has assisted plenty of pairs down the aisle towards their new magical journey together. So many roles are needed in the wedding planning process and Ashlie is prepared to play as many as needed to ensure a success at the end of the day. If you need a mother, a friend, reality checks, or an expert, look no further. With her vast knowledge Ashlie is eager to answer any and all question you may have. She is excited to take your vision and turn it into a reality.