10 Tips for DIY Couples

Where are my creative people?! Are you a “Do it yourself” person? First off good for you!  Projects and crafts are so great for the soul!

Now in reference to your wedding lets take an objective look at things. I commend those people who say they are going to make everything in their wedding. I have seen it, it is possible BUT I do have a few warning words. Unless planning your wedding is your soul purpose in life and you have no work, family or anything else that needs your attention outside of your wedding bubble than by all means go HAM! For those who are crafty just within reason here are some tips:

  1. Only take on projects you know you can complete and have it come out the way you want to. Making things takes time so in your busy schedule of life remember to schedule in several crafting hours a week!

  2. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them! If you want the favors wrapped and ready a month before the wedding because you know you’ll have other things to worry about, don’t be calling people the night before your wedding begging them for help! Or cursing to yourself as you work late into the night with a headband light struggling to finish.

  3. Test! Test! Test! Do a trial run before you run out and spend all this money and get materials for a project you don’t even know will work! Start small and do one example of each project. That way you don’t end up with a huge box of bejeweled ribbon when you end up going with delicate lace. If you believe in your skills and look at what you created and are happy then that is when you go out and buy all the rest of the materials you need!

  4. Do not be afraid to ask for help! There are tons of people who like me are obsessed with wedding especially the small stuff and if you asked nicely probably wouldn’t mind helping you stuff envelops or hot clue flowers together or even finish off those creative favors you really wanted to make.

  5. Accept help when it is offered to you! Yes I know, you are a type A control freak and absolutely need to make sure everything is perfect. That is fine, but if you have numerous projects on the go all with the same deadline and you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, nothing is going to get done! Help is good!

  6. Take the time and train your helpers on exactly how you want things done. Do not get frustrated when people don’t automatically understand what you want done or how you’re explaining things! Show them where you want a certain gem placed or how you want a bow tied. People are not mind readers. Use your words kiddies.

  7. Be prepared to make mistakes. They are going to happen. It’s inevitable. Just remember to take a deep breath and move on. If it’s really not fixable then try to reuse the material in another project.

  8. Do research, hunt for sales, cut coupons, price match! Crafts are expensive! There are many different things you can utilize to get your crafts to an A+. Think outside the box. If you need a bunch of metal for your centerpieces, try the scrap yard. (BE SAFE!) craft and home improvement stores have great products for restoration.

  9. Know when to call it quits! There is absolutely no point crying and stressing over a project that isn’t working when there are people on this earth who you can pay to do it for you! If you can’t pay in money see if you can trade in skills!

  10. Keep your budget in mind. As much as the idea if being a DIY wedding master is thrilling, sometimes making things is not a cheaper option. If you could buy something already made for the price of materials and your time or cheaper, you should weigh both options. Technically the saying is handmade! It doesn’t say who’s hands it needs to be!

Ashlie Callender
Lead Event Coordinator
            Image via  Oriental Trending

            Image via Oriental Trending